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Another Developer Who is Excited to Read Easy Apps!

Dominick Capobianco had this to say about the book:

“YES, I’m enjoying the book very much.  I’ve been wanting to create a ‘sellable’ application for some time and I think in 2016 I will pursue that goal very strongly.  I see you spoke with a lot of great FileMaker developers.”


Easy Apps!  Third Edition is now available on Amazon & Kindle

We’ve already made some improvements to the book, and have released those changes to Amazon and Kindle.  So be sure to check your edition number, and get the Third Edition

Vertical Marketing Process Paper now available for download

The Vertical Marketing Process Paper is a simple, one-page PDF which provides basic advice on how to market your product. To gain access to this form, as well as receive our monthly newsletter, please subscribe to our newsletter. The signup form is located in the right sidebar of this page.

Getting an App Ready to Sell

We are currently helping a client to sell his FileMaker application to his market.  We are in the process now of preparing the promotional website, and linking a Web Direct Demo to that web page. In this way, any new prospects can sign up and get access to the application demo directly from the web.

Selling an App to Doctors

We are currently helping another client who has a very detailed and complicated application for use in medical labs.  We’ve spent over 200 hours getting the application ready for internal use. Now the process of presenting and selling to others begins. A number of steps are involved in helping them to experience the application:

1. Application Website

This site contains a link to try the Demo

2. A Sign-up page

This is a WebDirect page, which they can access from the Application Website. But it is actually a FileMaker hosted page, where they sign up for the Demo, and FM creates a User Name and PW, which will allow them to log into the Demo version.

3. A ‘Demo’ Version of the Application

This has fake data of course, but enough of it to give them a real-world experience with using the app.  It is hosted on a server, so they need to sign in with the UN and PW we created for them when they signed up for the demo from the Sign-up page.

4. The Application Itself

After they have tried the Demo and like it, they can sign up for subscription to begin using the FM Application in their own medical offices. We set them up with their own version of the software, so they only data on that file is theirs and theirs alone.

So this four-step process creates a friction-free way for them to try out the application before they put up the dollars to use it themselves.