Entrepreneur First showcases top tech graduates

Britain’s brightest graduates on show

Entrepreneur First have picked the cream of the crop from Britain’s top universities, the graduates from this year’s cohort stem from Cambridge, Warwick, LSE and Imperial.

Their experience ranges from Computer Science studies to investment banking. The Entrepreneur First Demo Day held at the Microsoft UK offices presented an impressive set of pitches to a room full of investors.

EF Alumni raise $17.5m funding

Last year’s Entrepreneur First alumni have now raised more than $17.5 million in investment and collectively those 11 companies are worth over $50 million.

Matt and Alice from Entrepreneur First announced they are “the leading place for the most talented technologists”.

We spoke to four entrepreneurs from the latest intake to find out more.

Ross Targett, co-founder – Code Kingdoms

Ross Targett Code Kingdom - entrepreneur

Code Kingdoms teaches children to code through play. Ross and Hugh have been teaching kids to code for the last four years. They’re putting their experience into practice with online gaming that allows kids to write the code to their own games. When coding reaches the curriculum from September 2014 Code Kingdoms hopes to be there for kids to continue learning outside the classroom. Ross describes Code Kingdoms as:

Like Minecraft but you code the world

How was Entrepreneur First?

We could not have done it without Entrepreneur First, I met my cofounder Hugh through the programme. It helped us to think about the customer and how to raise money. A traditional graduate scheme could not have given me this experience in such a short time.

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