Easy Apps!

How to Make Money Selling FileMaker Runtime Applications

Apps-computer_800x616Learn how I’ve made thousands of dollars selling FileMaker “runtime” applications & how you can too!

From Pastor to Programmer, learn how Dr. William T. Miller began making applications for churches and now does it for businesses all around the world.

This is a new book being published by BlackCard Books and author William T. Miller.

This book will teach you:
• How to make your own easy to use applications to sell, without needing to learn complicated computer languages like C++ or Java
• The Four-Step Process for Creating Applications which you can Sell on the Web
• The Three Keys to Great Mobile Software
• 100 Great Ideas for Applications you can sell!
• Runtime Tips & TricksApps-Idea-LightBulb_800x800
• Special Focus: Runtimes & Mobile Deployment

Learn as William T. Miller interviews some of the smartest FileMaker Developer about Runtimes

Learn How to Distribute & Deploy Your Application

Learn How to Market Your Application


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