Easy Apps!

How to Make Money Selling Applications made with FileMaker Pro

by William T. Miller


  • The popularity of web-based and mobile applications is exploding. And FileMaker Pro is right in the center of it.  FileMaker Pro is a great cross-platform option for anyone who is considering making and selling their own software product. 

    DrBillMiller_smallIn this book you will learn…
  • How to make your own easy to use applications to sell, without needing to learn complicated computer languages like C++ or Java
  • The Six-Step Process for Creating Applications which you can Sell on the Web
  • The Three Keys to Great Mobile Software
  • 100 Great Ideas for Applications you can sell!
  • How to create your own “deployment universe” which will support the sale and distribution of your product

But don’t just take his word for it. In this book Dr. Miller interviews some of the smartest and brightest minds in the FileMaker world about making products with FileMaker

This book is being released by HighPower Data Solutions and Dr. William T. Miller

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