Channel Your Inner Entrepreneur to Excel at Work

Lauren Berger

In today’s working world, everyone is so fascinated by entrepreneur success stories out of Silicon Valley that they forget one’s ability to be entrepreneurial within a corporate environment. In fact, you use an entrepreneurial mindset to excel at your job.

The following is an excerpt from Lauren Berger’s book, Welcome to the Real World.

I wholeheartedly believe that there is a way to feel like an entrepreneur without owning your own business. Everyone has the ability to be entrepreneurial within their companies; they just don’t know it yet.

Can you organize, manage, and assume the risk of a project or concept within your current company structure and still feel entrepreneurial? Yes, you absolutely can. I would go further and say that in order to succeed within your role you need to be entrepreneurial. You need to find business, create opportunities, own your projects, and prove to your boss that you have some sense of autonomy within your position and can think on your feet. People often think, “I don’t own my business. I work for someone. How can I be an entrepreneur?” But there is another way to think about it. In many ways, an entrepreneur manages his or her own time. An entrepreneur comes up with an idea, builds out the concept, and executes the plan. Now, this idea could be a tangible product, but it could also be a service, a new idea within an existing company, a project, a philanthropic activity—anything! An entrepreneur looks for ways they can add value and be responsible for their own time.

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