Blurring The Lines Between SQL And NoSQL Databases

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The lines between and NoSQL will start to blur this year, said FoundationDB co-founder, Dave Rosenthal in a recent interview with IT Trends & Analysis. One would have to consider IBM’s decision to buy NoSQL cloud database startup Cloudant at the end of February a pretty good indicator that the blurring is well under way.

“IBM is leading the charge in helping its clients take advantage of big data, cloud and mobile,” said Sean Poulley, vice president, Databases & Data Warehousing, IBM. “Cloudant sits squarely at the nexus of these three key transformational areas and enables clients to rapidly deliver an entirely new level of innovative, engaging and data-rich apps to the marketplace.”

According to the 2014 State of Database Technology Survey, when it comes to large organizations, the incumbent relational databases (RDBMS) from (46%), Microsoft (34% SQL Server and 25% Access), and IBM (DB2 46%) still dominate. In contrast, just 5% use MongoDB, 3% have bought SAP Hana, and 1% use , and even FileMaker beat startup darlings Cassandra, , and . The top six databases in use are all relational; MongoDB was the only NoSQL vendor to crack the top-10 list, in 10th place.

Rosenthal said the two big trends driving NoSQL are architecture – the move from move from big monolithic servers running in your data center to clusters of servers running maybe in your data center, but maybe in the cloud – and experimentation. Because everybody is building these new designs, there’s been this huge experimentation going on.

“For decades, database was synonymous with SQL. What people are realizing is that can be database that doesn’t speak SQL.”

When you’re small, you only have two ways to go, up or out according to another recent report, and NoSQL is looking at a compound annual growth rate of 53.09% over the 2013-18 period. The growth of the NoSQL market is influenced by many drivers, of which the increased adoption of big data solutions is an important driver but the lack of awareness about the potential of NoSQL is a major challenge.

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