Ask the Entrepreneur: 3Qs with Flytenow

by Lauren Dibble
Ask the entrepreneur - Matt Voska and Alan GuichardLast month, North­eastern stu­dents Matt Voska, E’17, and Alan Guichard, L’14, launched a small plane-​​sharing ven­ture called Fly­tenow, which con­nects recre­ational pilots with flight enthu­si­asts to make flying more afford­able and acces­sible. We asked Voska to explain how the startup got off the ground and what he and Guichard learned along the way.
What made you start your business and how did you get to where you are now?

The inspiration behind Flytenow came from a problem I experienced. As a private pilot, I love to fly small planes, but it tends to be very expensive. I had been grounded for months solely because of the sheer cost of flying. One day I realized that there are many open seats on general aviation flights that go unoccupied, and people who want to go flying could join and split the cost. From there, Flytenow was born.

We started talking to pilots and quickly realized that many of them shared my problem. We made a landing page to gauge interest and started sharing it with pilots and aviation enthusiasts. We discovered that many people have the dream to go flying, but don’t know where to start. When we pitch the idea to non-pilots, their eyes light up because they realize that their dreams that seemed out of reach were finally possible. In the end, we’re making it easy and affordable for everyone to get off the ground by pairing pilots with enthusiasts.

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