Apple: Severely Misunderstood By Wall Street Analysts

By Analyst Consumer Goods

filemaker pro - Apple[at Seeking Alpha] – I wrote my first Seeking Alpha article on GT Advanced Technologies ( GTAT ) on January 21, 2014, GT’s share price was around $9 and there was a lot of questions regarding Apple ( AAPL ) and the use sapphire …
Read more on this. Apple Inc. (AAPL), valued at $475.83B, opened this morning at $534.35.

Today’s price range has been between $532.00 and $535.89 per share and has traded between $385.10 and $575.14 over the past year.

Priced at 12.53x this year’s forecasted earnings, AAPL shares are relatively inexpensive compared to the industry’s 29.53x forward p/e ratio.

And for those looking to make a return holding the stock, the company pays shareholders $12.20 per share annually in dividends, yielding 2.30%.

According to a consensus of 44 analysts, the earnings estimate of $10.13 per share would be $0.04 better than the year-ago quarter and a $0.65 sequential decrease. Investors should also note that the full-year EPS estimate of $42.77 is a $3.02 better when compared to the previous year’s annual results.

The quarterly earnings estimate is predicated on a consensus revenue forecast of $43.54 Billion. If reported, that would be a 0.14% decrease over the year-ago quarter.

More recently, Barclays downgraded AAPL from Overweight to Equal Weight (Feb 20, 2014). Previously, Standpoint Research downgraded AAPL from Hold to Sell.

With the above information in mind, readers should note that the average price target is $587.09, which is 9.87% above where the stock opened this morning.

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