10 Key Points to be a Successful Startup Business

By JF Ventures LLC
To be a successful startup business, there are many things to take into consideration. It takes passion, persistence, and perseverance to make it work, and vision, purpose, and focus to make it a functional. Do you have what it takes?Here are 10 key points for a startup business to be successful.

1. Legal. Begin here. You may need licenses, insurances, bonding, and so on. Look long and hard at the requirements before you dive in.

2. Testing. Constantly test your ideas. Attain validation from people in your target group. If they flop, try something different. Philosophically, your business needs this leg to stand on (and to stand out).

3. Marketing. Decide to whom you will target your market, and what products or services you plan to offer.

4. Finances. Capital is important. You will no doubt require more money than you think to start. Think big, plan ahead.

5. Location. Depending on what you plan to do, look at where you currently are (or want to be). Think about how this exposure will bolster your business.

6. Hiring. In the beginning you may think you can do it all. Untrue. You will need to hire people (plus a little automation). When you do, hire right. Do not cut corners.

7. Website. Do you have one? If you said no, get one. If yes, what are you doing to make it work for you in terms of business, branding, targeting, and so on?

8. Standout. What you offer/sell defines who you are. Never be afraid to standout. People like trailblazers, they follow great minds and leaders. Let your product do the talking.  Get your hustle on, be relentless in what you do. Do 10x more than your competition and don’t give up.

9. Honesty. Encourage those around you to be open, honest, and collaborative. The more feedback you get, the stronger you will be.

10. Belief. Always, always, always believe in what you are doing. Nothing is more poisonous than a startup that feeds on it’s own negativity. Shun the nonbelievers, and work towards your goal.

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